Will I be able to walk normally after this operation?

All patients improve that walking ability after Knee Replacement. The gait pattern takes longer to improve because of long standing deformity and associated weakness of hip abductor muscles. Patients require physiotherapy and gait training to get back to normal walking.

How many days after surgery I will start walking and what is the duration of hospitalisation?

The usual duration of hospitalisation is 3 to 5 days depending up on physical condition of patient and his/her associated medical problems. Patients coming from faraway places can stay for around one week.

Most of the patients stand on their legs and walk the morning after surgery. Patients having severe osteoporosis or muscle weakness take little longer.

How long does the operation last?

The actual operation takes around 60 to 90 minutes. But, the patient remains in the operation theatre for around 2 to 3 hours .

What is the success rate of operation?

The success rate of knee replacement surgery is 95 to 99 %. The possible complications are mentioned on this website.

How long does it take for patients to completely recover?

Patients usually take up to 3 months to completely recover. However, most of the patients start comfortably moving around the house within 15 days of surgery. Patients can start household work at around 3 to 4 weeks and join office in 4 to 6 weeks. Driving is allowed only after 2 months. Patients’ strength and range of motion improves up to one year. So they are encouraged to exercise to regain strength and movement.

Will I be able to sit on floor after TKR or THR?

Most of the patients get sufficient movement to sit on floor. But bending the knee beyond certain degrees can damage the plastic insert inside the knee joint. This can be detrimental to durability of prosthesis. So patients should avoid sitting on floor as far as possible.

Are there special prosthesis available that allow crossed leg sitting?

This is a myth. The flexion (bending) after Knee replacement depends up on multiple factors- most important of which is preoperative range of motion. In addition to that flexibility of muscles, skill of surgeon and positioning of implant also contribute to flexion. There are prosthesis which accommodate better flexion but they don’t guarantee high flexion.

How long will my new knee last?

90 % of modern day Knee prosthesis last for more than 15 years and 80% even last more than 20 years. Longivity of prosthesis depends up on alignment and stability of prosthesis as well as host bone quality. Infection and instability are two common cause for early failure of Knee Replacement.

Is it possible to perform this surgery through key hole?

No, Total Knee replacement can not be performed through Key hole or laser or arthroscopy. It is always an open surgery.

If this knee fails, is it possible to replace again?

It is possible to partly or fully replace the Knee replacement prosthesis, it is call Revision (re-do) knee replacement.

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