Osteoarthritis of Hip Joint

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Osteoarthritis of hip is wear and tear of hip joint cartilage. Knee Osteoarthritis is much more common in India as compared to OA of hip joint.

OA can be secondary to hip fractures or childhood hip disease such as developmental dysplasia of hip or septic arthritis of hip joint.


Symptoms are similar to those of AVN.


Plain X ray of hip joint is sufficient for Diagnosis of OA of hip.


In early stages, physical therapy to strnegthen Hip musculature can help in relieving pain. Medicines such as Diacerin has some role in delaying progression of OA of hip joint.

In late stages Total Hip Replacement (THR) remains the only option for treatment.

(Left) In this x-ray of a normal hip, the space between the ball and socket indicates healthy cartilage. (Right) This x-ray of an arthritic hip shows severe loss of joint space.

This x-ray shows a large bone spur that has developed on the ball of an arthritic hip.

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